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–Mykel Hawke’s review of Dr. Larry D. Horton’s The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival


I was pleased when Larry reached out to me about his project and I was compelled to offer support when I saw his dedication to the subject of survival, a life-long passion of mine.

However, when I read his book, the first part of the trilogy, I was not only inspired by the story itself, and the eminently readable style with which Horton tells the tale, but I was also very motivated to be able to give a great review as the book itself touches on 2 very important and often overlooked aspects of real survival- those critical elements of medicinal and spiritual considerations when faced with extreme and dire circumstances.

The importance of both of these cannot be emphasized enough. I have taught survival for two decades, and as a medical specialist, this single factor more than any other becomes the true determining factor on survival. I was well pleased to see Larry’s book take their own medical factors into consideration both in real life and in the story. The honest and humble self- assessment is the kind of thing we all need to do in survival and in life, but it takes a great character to be brutally honest with a self-evaluation. No amount of modern day over hyping your skills and under estimating nature will pass the harsh test of reality.

Making realistic assessments, factoring in limitations and logistics such as medications, fitness levels, health conditions are a core fundamental for everyone all the time and this is especially significant when in a survival situation, and is paramount when in a long term, large scale or mass casualty scenario. Dr. Horton’s book treats this crucial component of survival thoroughly and comprehensively on a level I have never seen any other book do to date. On that factor alone, this book merits a worthy place in any survivalists and prepper’s library.

Then, a most politically incorrect and often chided, but always relevant and never out of date factor of survival is faith, belief, ideology and/or spirituality. I have lived this and as a result, I have taught it in my classes and books, as a constant part of any survival situation- death is a reality and a real possibility. If you are not ready to face it, you will be afraid and if you are in fear, you will freeze at a critical moment and that freezing will likely get you right where you don’t want to be- DEAD. So, deciding what you believe, and hanging on to that belief, whatever it may be, is a vitally important aspect of survival and again, a subject that Horton weaves throughout his book and as such, again, his book does what most fail to do, incorporate Faith as a survival tenet.

I have always taught my Students and my Soldiers, if you are not ready to meet your maker when you leave Fort Living Room or Base Camp, you’re not ready to walk out the front door.

In this way, Larry’s book is entertaining, educational and edifying in ways no other book on survival is, and for this reason, it is a book everyone would do well to read.

Mykel Hawke is a Father, Grand Father, Husband, Retired Special Forces Officer, Combat Veteran and Survival Teacher. He is perhaps better known for his TV shows, Books & Products in the survival space, but Myke considers his primary passion to be teaching (When he’s not fishing!)


The Final Journey Trilogy
By Larry D. Horton, PhD


Review & Comments by Mykel Hawke
Capt. (Retired) U.S Special Forces, Global Survival Expert


I can honestly say that this trilogy is absolutely Brilliant!

Firstly, it’s just downright good story telling, keeping me enthralled chapter by chapter.  Secondly, it was properly educational, teaching so many sound survival principles everyone should know, in my humble opinion.  Thirdly, it also tackles what I consider to be simultaneously the most difficult and the simplest of challenges we WILL FACE in a mass disaster or large-scale conflict situation – challenges of FAITH, HOPE and BELIEF in the face of some of humanity’s most brutal realities, when some people would choose the most cruel and vile conduct under the guise of expedient survival.  And finally, it shows a way that humanity can restore the balance and return to a way of peace, and in fact, maybe even a more peaceful place than we’ve ever known, all made possible, only because of the calamity endured.

In short, this trilogy is a story of inspiration and hope as much as it edifies, entertains and educates.  It inspires and the world needs more books like this.

I for one, am thankful for this author, Larry D. Horton, PhD, his journey, his faith, and his story.


Mykel Hawke is a father, grandfather, husband, retired Special Forces officer, combat veteran and survival teacher.  He is perhaps better known for his TV shows, books and products in the survival space, but Myke considers his primary passion to be teaching (when he’s not fishing).